Vejer De La Frontera

Voted: 2nd most beautiful village in Spain

Did You Know

Vejer de la Frontera was declared a site of great historic and artistic interest in 1976 and in 2013 was voted by Trip Advisor and Viajar magazine as the 2nd most beautiful village in Spain?

Vejer de la Frontera, declared a site of great historic and artistic interest in 1976, is one of the most beautiful villages, not only in Andalusia, but in Spain. In 1978 it won first prize in the national competition of beautiful towns, and was awarded the title of “Area of Great Touristic Importance”. Due to its strategic hilltop position, this town has been controlled and inhabited by Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, and later the Moors. They conquered Vejer at the battle of La Janda, and the village remained under Arab rule for more than five centuries. The name “de la Frontera” came about due to the fact that this town was on the frontier between Christian and Muslim Spain. The presence of these past inhabitants and their customs are still felt in this village today which is why this place is such a unique and special place to visit in Spain.

The first thing a traveller should do upon arriving in Vejer is to wander around and explore the maze of narrow winding streets and squares that make up the old medieval town. In some places you can still see the fortress walls that were carefully constructed by the Muslims in the eleventh century. As the streets zigzag up and down, it is easy to lose your way, but don’t worry – there is always someone there to help you out.

Some interesting places to visit include the Palace of the Marquess of Tamarón, now used as a museum and gallery, or the famous Segur Gate, located next to the Church of the Divine Saviour. A little further on and you reach the Convent, which has been converted into a museum of local customs and traditions. A final stop should be to the castle where you can enjoy some interesting festivals and cultural performances during the summer.

Vejer is the perfect village to immerse yourself in the Spanish language and practice it with the locals you meet along the way.

you will find the coastline around Vejer to be a wonderful place to spend time after class and during the weekends.

If you love beaches you shouldn’t miss taking a walk along one of the wide beaches found near Vejer de la Frontera. El Palmar Beach is one of the best and very well preserved due to the fact that local authorities do not allow any construction in and around the beach. You will find this beach an excellent place to simply relax, to lay out in the sun, or to go surfing. Another popular beach is Caños de Meca Beach, full of people and activities. The beach tends to be very popular with windsurfers. All in all, you will find the coastline around Vejer to be a wonderful place to spend time after class and during the weekends.

For someone who wants to experience Southern Spain, Vejer de la Frontera is an excellent choice!

Things To See And Do In Vejer de la Frontera

  • Get to know a wonderful small town
  • Explore the winding maze of streets
  • Check out the historic sites of interest
  • Relax on the beach
  • Try out the wonderful local cuisine
  • Participate in a variety of water sports
  • Explore the surrounding region

And muchmuchmore!

Enjoy the local surroundings and activities

Whether your are looking for a relaxing Spanish holiday on the beach, capturing stunning photos, taking long walks through the national parks or enjoying a variety of sports there is something for everyone.

Beaches on the Costa De La Luz

If you look out from any of the viewpoints in Vejer, you can see that the town is surrounded by magnificent beaches and nature reserves. Some of these beaches are true treasures of dunes and fine sands, such as El Palmar. Others are famous for their festive atmosphere, above all Caños de Meca.

El Palmar beach it the nearest beach is located 8 kilometres from the town centre of Vejer. Unspoilt fine sands and cystalline waters make for one of Andalusia’s best beaches. Without being overcrowded, El Palmar is highly valued by the people of Vejer for the range of services and activities available.

Vejer is less than half an hour from three important natural features: the Pinar of Barbate (a pine forest on a spectacular cliff), Los Alcornocales and the Parque del Estrecho.

Natural Surroundings

The unique lush oasis of Santa Lucía is located three kilometres from the town. The Arabic aqueduct or the five water mills – already well-known in the 16th Century- make it a place of both natural beauty and historical significance.

Vejer has 82 hectares of surrounding marshland falling within the Breña and Marismas del Barbate and Barbate Marshlands Nature Park with their rich plant life of irises and willows providing a habitat for a great many birds.

Sport and Leisure

Vejer is a marvellous place for sport lovers, where hiking, trekking, cycling, climbing, surfing, kite surfing and paragliding can be practised in the surrounding area.

Vejer is less than half an hour from three important natural features: the Pinar of Barbate, a pine forest on a spectacular cliff, Los Alcornocales and the Parque del Estrecho. All with spectacular paths for exploring by either foot, horse-back or bicycle.

In the same way, Vejer is the perfect starting point for day trips around the White Villages or to Cadiz, Seville, Jerez, Ronda, or even a weekend in Morocco.

In order to make the most of all this, La Janda organises a daily cultural programmeme which, as well as conferences, cultural talks and parties, also includes visits and trips to nearby cultural landmarks.