For the third year running in March we welcomed a group of Danish students from Nyborg. For a few of the students this was their second visit and they requested to stay with the same families they had stayed with on their first visit – having made friends and feeling part of the family! The school felt like a very active learning environment in the mornings with 25 Danish students, as well as our usual weekly Spanish courses. The afternoons included excursions to the nearby village of Santa Lucia, a beach trip and surf session and a day outing to Bolonia and Tarifa where they watched the kite surfing and wandered around the Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia. There were two birthdays celebrated during the week so there was a group meal at our favourite pizza restaurant Il Macinino  in the old windmill on the very top of Vejer with wonderful views of the surrounding countryside. There is another trip planned for October from the same college – once a group has been to Vejer they always repeat!

If you´re interested in arranging a group visit we tailor make packages to suit your particular needs, the needs and ages of your students combined with the cultural and educational activities that most suit you and your needs. We guarantee that once you have experienced an immersive Spanish week with us in Vejer you will want to come back! Get in touch for more information about how we can help you make the perfect Spanish learning experience: + 956 44 70 60