Levante and Poniente

The levante is the famous easterly wind that blows in the western Mediterranean Sea and is a dominant feature in the province of Cadiz. When blowing moderately or strongly the Levante causes heavy swells on the Mediterranean reaching its greatest intensity through the Strait of Gibraltar. The winds are well known for creating a particular cloud formation above the Rock of Gibraltar. It’s a strong wind (can blow up to 80km per hour) which can ruin plans to enjoy the beach in summer…but there are many other things that can be enjoyed when it is windy – like the wind surfing!!

The opposite of the Levante is the Poniente the westerly wind that blows from the Atlantic. When the Poniente wind blows is when the kite surfers of Tarifa are out on the sea, although the windsurfers prefer the Levante wind.

There are many local businesses that take their name from these strong winds, a favourite bar in Vejer is Bar Poniente which has spectacular views of the surrounding countryside over to El Palmar and Conil. It is from here the para gliders launch which can be fun to watch whist relaxing with a beer, or for the more adventurous to join in you can contact Parapente Vejer.

The Levante bar in Caños de Meca is popular restaurant / bar offering vegetarian and slow food, it has a beach vibe and is in front of the beach in Caños, it hosts a weekly market of ecological products and artesanal craft.

If you spend any time in Vejer it is almost certain you will become familiar with both winds!